Want to Be Daring and Try a New Hairstyle?

What Are the Different Women’s Haircut Styles?

There are five types of women’s haircut styles, each with different variations. These are the blunt cut, layered, bob, shag, and pixie. In some styles, asymmetrical cuts and bangs are considered separate styles.

A blunt cut is hair below the shoulders and all one length. This style works best with straight hair that is not dense or thick, curly or thick hair does not sit well with a blunt cut.

Layered cuts are done by cutting the hair at an angle. The outer hair is shorter, with the areas beneath progressively getting longer. Layered cuts are made at a 45° angle. The layers could be blunt, especially in fashion styles, or blended to create a softer look. Layered cuts often work with any hair type and are a good option for people with curly or thick hair.

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