How to Choose the Hairstyle That’s Right for You?

Go to a Trustworthy Hair Studio to Get Professional Advice for Your Perfect Hairdo

When you are looking for the ideal hairdo for your special occasion or your everyday life, you should take into account a few important factors. Instead of sitting and thinking whether to have braids, a pony tail, or an elegant bun, why not visit a well-respected hair studio for your splendid vision. Professional hairstylists will give you the best advice about your concern.

  • The shape of your face. In order to create your excellent hairdo, an expert will consider your face shape. If it has a round shape, long and layered slightly waved hair will look stunning on you. Side swept and long bangs will also do well. Ignore styles that offer big curls at a short length. For a long face, the purpose is to make it wider. Therefore, adding bobs, short and big curls would suit you best. In this case, you should avoid long and straight cuts that make a face look even longer. Square shape – hairstylists suggest wispy bangs, soft curls that will look really nice. For oval face, specialists say just any hairdo will be great on you.
  • The type and the texture of your hair. Our hairs come in a variety of textures, such as curly, wavy, straight, fine, oily, limp, dry, etc. If you have a curly hair, you should leave it as long as possible because of the frizz and fluff factors. A short and choppy hairdo works more for a straight type. A professional hairdresser will be able to advise you whether a bang will look good on you or not. No matter your hair type, damaged and limp hair never looks nice, you should cut it off. Option for a thick and coarse hair is to leave it as long as possible. The shorter, the fluffy it will be.
  • To highlight different face features. If you have a strong and undamaged hair, you can play with various variations. For example, if you like your neck, emphasize it with a short haircut or a high updo. If you want to accent on your eyes, you should choose a short bang to make your eyes more visible.

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