How Do College Girls Wear Their Hair These Days?

Are Young Girls Likely to Visit a Hair Studio to Get Their Hair Taken Care Of?

Hair StudioIn order to understand the psychology of college girls regarding their attitude towards their hair, we have made a small survey amongst our customers. We would like to share the results with you, of course, so you get a better picture of what the trendy hair looks at the moment are. Here are the questions which we asked:

  • How long does it take you to perfect your look in the morning in the days when you do not visit a hair studio?
    The majority of the answers were 5-10 minutes (57%), the second most popular answer was 5 minutes (24%), and the rest of the interviewed said that they need about 25 minutes or more.
  • How do you like to wear your hair?
    About 30% of the interviewed girls wear it straight and down, almost 40% in a ponytail, and the rest like it natural and wavy.
  • What is the hair length and color that you prefer?
    The majority of girls which Bouncy Hair Salon - Studio has worked with answered that they prefer to wear it under their shoulder level or longer. Although some short hairstyles are back in fashion for young girls, they are quite uncommon. As for the hair color, the most desired look is the natural light brown with dark blond highlights that do not look dyed. Pure blond, of course, is the next top choice.
  • How often do you visit a hair studio¬†for a haircut per year?
    Most of our customers come for a haircut in our salon in Raleigh, NC twice a year. Some of them come up to 4 times, and a very few of them come just once or more than 4 times with the purpose to cut their hair.