Hair Extensions Look Lovely and Feminine in Any Occasion

Everything That You Have to Know about Hair Extensions before Getting Some


hair-extensionsIf you are thinking of adding hair extensions to your natural hair because you want to make it look thicker or longer, you will surely have some questions about it, and we hope this article will help you get at least a few of the answers that you need. Here is some general information to start with:

  • First of all, adding some natural or artificial hair to your own does not mean that roots or hair follicles will be added to your scalp. The extensions will not help your hair roots look more.

  • The main idea about natural hair extensions is that if they are applied by a professional, you can do anything to them that you can do to your natural hair. This includes dyeing, cutting, curling, straightening and much more. As we already said, if the application is done by professionals, nobody would notice that you are wearing hair extensions. If you install, synthetic hair, on the other hand, it will easily get damaged from thermal treatment, and your extensions will soon start looking differently than your natural hair. This obvious difference will make the overall appearance of your hair poor.

  • If you decide to go for natural hair extensions, you should know that you may need to schedule a maintenance appointment with your favorite hairdresser every 6 weeks.

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