From Frizzy to Smooth Hair – What Is the Secret?

  • From frizzy to smooth hair – what is the secret?

Have you ever seen some girls that have had frizzy, knotted hair before, walking around with silky smooth hair just a couple of days later? Surely, you have thought there is some kind of magic involved – how can all those curls get so smooth? But we are here to share the secret with you – it is called a hair relaxer! Keep reading to learn more about this treatment and how it works!

  • What is hair relaxer?

‘Relaxing’ your hair happens through a treatment with a special cream or lotion, that you apply to your hair. You can buy kits and do it on your own, but if this is your first time attempting this procedure, better turn to a professional hairdresser. The cream is applied to a sectioned hair and is left for a certain amount of time to ‘cook’. After it has done its magic, it will be rinsed out and a strong conditioner will be applied to your hair. Such as any other permanent treatment, the hair relaxer will damage your hair to a certain level. This is why having it done by a professional is so important.

  • How long does it last?

This is a permanent treatment, meaning that once you have it applied to your curly locks, they will not be able to return to their natural look. Once your hair grows out, you will notice that the roots will still grow curly. This is why many people have it done again on a 8 to 10 week period.

  • How should I maintain it?

Once you have your locks straight and smooth, all you have to do is enjoy them and return after 2 months for another treatment. If you want to lower the overall damage of your hair, try to use less heat on a daily basis. Let your hair air dry when it is possible or lower the heat setting on your flat iron. Using deep conditioner and masks regularly will always help for maintaining beautiful, silky hair.

If you are looking for a professional hairstylist, who can consult you and perform a hair relaxer procedure at an affordable rate, be sure to check Bouncy Hair Salon - Studio. Our hair salon is in Raleigh, NC and we are always open for questions at (919) 413-7220.